A mountain hut

A refuge for skiing and snowboarding, hiking…

Le refugeLocated in Argentina to 2075 meters above sea level in Mendoza Province, 70 km south west of Malargue (Las Lenas), in the middle of the Andes Cordillera.

GPS 35 ° 54 “01.05 S | 70 ° 16 ‘49.38 W

The refuge includes a building housing a 24-seater with 6 rooms of 6 to 4 people. Ability to double depending on occupancy. The rooms are not heated.

A second building where the kitchen, dining room, lounge, drying the material heated by a wood stove fireplace and kerosene stove.

Outside, in front of the sanctuary are the baths. 6 pools at different temperatures from 37 to 42 degrees, ferruginous water.

A final building 50 meters from the refuge where the toilets and showers.

Drinking water comes from a natural source mineral.

Full board includes:

  • night
  • 1 breakfast
  • 1 lunch bag
  • 1 tea
  • 1 dinner

In addition, wine and beer.Accès Cajon Grande

Getting there:

  • Airplane over San Rafael Mendoza or via Buenos Aires or Santiago
  • By bus or taxi to Malargue
  • Taxi to Las Loïc
  • Every Sunday morning a bus that Malargue-Las Loicas / Las loicas-Malargue
  • Most stays are Sunday to Sunday
  • Las Loicas we pick you up in 4 × 4 and snow hides or walk up Cajon
  • You must carry all your equipment required for your stay at the shelter in your backpack
  • Return: ski until the end of snow and 4 × 4 or on horseback to Las Loicas
  • Return transfer is charged