• Photo

    Spare batteries (preferably Lythium due to the cold) are difficult to find outside of bigs towns, but there is no problems where ordinary film is concerned (there are cheaper than in Europe, but the date must be checked).

  • Check In

    So… You’re ready to go. Your equipment is heavy and you’re got about to much weight fot boarding . You’re may be lucky… Your airline may go by “piece concept” that’s allows you to have 2×32 kilos… What I do suggest is that you buy all “towns clothing” once there… Trousers cost about 10 Euros, which is most certainly cheaper than paying an excess of weight (50 Euro/kilo).

  • What do you need to bring.


    • 1 pair of ski boots
    • 1p. telescopic sticks
    • 1p. ski crampons
    • 2p. ascension skins
    • 1p. touring bindings
    • 1p. of ski of course


    • Sleeping bag to cape -10°C
    • Survival blanket
    • Hunting knife
    • Penknife or tool


    • Gore tex trousers
    • Goretex jacket
    • Puffer jacket
    • Polaire jumper
    • Polaire tights
    • 2 polaires
    • 2x underwear tignts + top
    • 1p. gloves
    • goggles
    • sun glases with high UV protection
    • woofy hat
    • 4/5 p. of socks
    • 1p. of gaiter


    • harness
    • head lamp
    • avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe
    • Crampons
    • 60l rocksac
    • flask
    • GPS
  • Do the lodging accomidations include bedding?

    No, you should bring your sleeping bag.

  • Where to stay in Santiago de Chile?

    We recommand you the youth hostel in front of the busterminal for Argentina (Los Hereos) – Che Lagarto, Tucapel Jiménez Str. #24 (downtown), Santiago de Chile, Phone (0056) (2) 699-1493